Why Nanotech?

We are witnessing the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution – in which advanced energy management, artificial intelligence, bio-engineering, and nanotechnology are coming to the fore.

By way of example, nanotechnology offers an incredible range of applications that will transform society via the harnessing of underlying quantum effects in nature. Nanotech is furthermore inherently multidisciplinary, in which breakthroughs nearly always stem from the infusion of new ideas and techniques, sometimes from quite unrelated areas.

Nanotech is a truly exciting and varied field – and there are many interesting challenges to solve towards full realization, with the help of engineers, chemists and physicists. From an engineering perspective, the issues to solve include: cost-efficient mass production, means to self-assemble, and control over exact nanostructure… read more »

Measurement & Modelling

In order to harness the utility of rapid gas-phase synthesis, we need to finely control conditions within the reacting gas. Small differences in local species concentrations and temperature sensitively determine size and shape of the resulting nanomaterial.

We can quantify and understand such relationships through correlating ex situ measurements of material morphology along with in situ measurement of the gas-phase parameters. Alternatively, for typical flames a modelling approach can also be employed to infer such parameters with sufficient accuracy… read more »

Application Areas

With the abovementioned special properties – and methods to synthesize such nanomaterials – a wealth of very useful applications can be exploited. Six areas can be identified, comprising: chemicals, energy, electronics, photonics, biotech, and structures. Desalination of seawater is a prime example of where nanostructured materials (membranes here) can significantly improve performance… read more »

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