The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a land that has remained, until recently, sheltered from the outside world – a place of mystery with a unique culture. With the relaxation of visas, Saudi Arabia has suddenly opened itself to the world for touring and exploration of its wonders.

Being almost the size of the Indian subcontinent, there exist many points of interest, such as: the Red Sea coral reefs, vast sand dunes, cow pastures in The Asir, extinct volcanoes with lava fields, oases, quaint mountain villages, old forts, and ancient Nabataean tombs carved out of rock. Saudi Arabia is more than just barren desert – visit here for a virtual tour.

From relics of history in the Hijaz to modern cities, KSA is undergoing rapid modernisation. One of the unique aspects of the natives is to balance tradition with the embracing of modern technology. The Saudi people are warm and easy going in essence – with family being the focal point of society.

Surprisingly, about one-third of the population comprises expats from all around the world. With a well ordered and high functioning society, along with plentiful sunshine and warmth, KSA offers a stable, safe, comfortable, and attractive environment in which to work and live.

The KFUPM campus is perched on top of a small mountain overlooking a large metropolis next to the sea. The urban area includes Dammam, Khobar, Dhahran and Qatif. From the campus, one can see the city of Manama – situated on the nearby island of Bahrain.

Despite the location, KFUPM experiences peace and quiet from the adjacent city. The campus also owns a private beach, in addition to having well manicured gardens complemented with interesting wildlife.

All of this takes place in a warm subtropical region of the world – shown below. We hope to share such opportunity upon joining
The Chrystie Lab here at KFUPM!

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