People of The Lab

With know-how in supervising graduate students, a dynamic portfolio of research themes, and hands-on facilitation in the lab, allows for a rewarding project experience.


Dr. Jamal Al-Smail, BSc. MSc.
University of Ottawa, Canada

SHAPE OPTIMIZATION – Department of mathematics

Dr. Jamal has deep experience in shape optimization using special mathematical techniques that enable facile ways to search for the best parameters. His expertise originated in fuel-cell studies at The University of Ottawa in Canada using special implementations of the CFD equation set. Currently, he is a co-investigator with Dr. Robin to design improved desalination strategies through numerical techniques.

GRADUATE students

Hasan Alshafei , BSc.
Oregon State University, KSA

Hasan completed his Bachelors at Oregon State University in the United States. Currently, he is a Part-Time MS Thesis student working at Saudi Aramco. His focus in the group is on channel design optimization within RO membrane units.

Talal Alshamrani , BSc.
Oregon State University, USA

Talal also completed his Bachelors at Oregon State University in the United States. Currently, he is a Part-Time MS Thesis student working at Saudi Aramco, and his focus in the group is on optimization of the porosity structure of thin-film nanocomposite membranes for RO desalination.


Felix Ebertz , BSc., MEng.
Duisburg, Germany

Absolute concentration of SiO in a synthesis flame

My project involved developing practical skills in how to perform experiments and critically evaluate datasets. I also performed valuable spectroscopic calculations as part of the ultimate goal of being able to extract images of absolute concentrations of SiO within a laminar low-pressure silica-synthesis flame.

  • Ebertz, F.L. (2017). Characterization of the method of laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) for the determination of absolute concentrations of SiO in a nanoparticle synthesis flame at low pressure, (Bachelor Thesis). University of Duisburg-Essen.

Usama Murtaza, BSc., MEng.
Duisburg, Germany

SiO LIF and chemiluminescence in a synthesis plasma flow

An initial attempt to characterize a microwave plasma flow reactor under low-pressure conditions. Usama built the apparatus from scratch, trouble-shooted problems, and performed a range of spectroscopic measurements. Usama gained skills in how to perform sensitive optical experiments, whilst also coordinating electronic signals, notwithstanding necessary organisation of how to set-up the equipment.

  • Murtaza, U. (2018). Chemiluminescence and laser-induced fluorescence of silicon-based species in a microwave-excited plasma flow, (Masters Thesis). University of Duisburg-Essen

Azhar Mohammed, BSc., MEng.
Duisburg, Germany

Determination of LIF lifetimes in a synthesis flame

Thorough testing of how to measure effective LIF lifetimes of the SiO molecular intermediate within low-pressure silica-synthesis flames – forming an important part of being able to quantify SiO concentrations. Azhar compiled MATLAB codes to access lifetimes, and also to interpret spectroscopic data to check for undesired optical interference in the underlying LIF measurements.

  • Ali, M.A. (2016). Determination of effective fluorescence lifetimes and measurement of excitation/emission spectra via laser-induced fluorescence of SiO in low pressure HMDSO-seeded H2/O2-flames, (Masters Thesis). University of Duisburg-Essen


Salem Alshammari


Salem modeled the mole fraction variation of acetylene – the active gas-phase precursor for CNT growth – along a CVD reactor using ChemKin. The effect of temperature, flowrate, and feedstock composition were studied to semi-quantitatively determine the range of conditions for maximum acetylene to coincide with the middle part of the reactor where the substrate is located. This was done with the aim of maximizing growth rate of vertically-aligned CNT synthesis on substrates inside the hot-wall reactor.

Hassan Almsaeed, BSc.

CNT Films – CVD Furnace setup

Hassan worked on gaining knowledge and skills on equipment towards tailored synthesis of vertically-aligned CNTs. During his summer internship, he assisted in finding components for a horizontal tubular furnace.


Syed Amanulla, B.Eng.

Under general direction, assisting with senior research investigators by performing moderately complex research and experimentation following established protocols, independent research, and performing various simulations, analysis of data, and supervisory and training duties. I perform routine maintenance of Analytical Process Instruments, such as (CVD Reactor, Riser Simulator, Desalination, Autoclave, Heat Transfer, Distillation, Process Control), and equipment setups.

Hasnuddin Mohammed, B.Sc., M.C.A.

Holding a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and possesses 11 years of experience in Administration & Secretarial activities. Assisting the faculties in their project related work, providing and maintaining student assignments, and project reports for the faculty. Report data and compile information into graphs and documents.